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Foro Italico The father of Foro Italico - at the origin called Foro Mussolini - is Renato Ricci.

While it was being designed, three locations were rejected: of the University, Casal Palocco and the area of Villaggio Olimpico. The area that was finally chosen was along the Tevere River and it needed to be drained before becoming the location for the project.

Ricci was forbidden to build in the surrounding area of Monte Mario, to provide a green environment for the Foro and for the city.

The architects Costantini and Pintonello (24 years old at that time) were called for the design and the construction of the thermal baths, the swimming pools (a pensile one) and the obelisk. The project of Piazzale dell'Impero has been designed by the architect Moretti; the Fontana della Sfera by Pediconi and Paniconi.
Between Lungotevere, Lauro de Bosis square, the Olympic stadium, Viale delle Olimpiadi, Viale dei Gladiatori, Duca d'Aosta Bridge and Farnesina, we find the Obelisk, the Coni Palace , the Isef (now Iusm), the Swimming Stadium, the Mosaics, Fontana della Sfera, the Lawn Tennis Stadium, the Marbles Stadium. From lungotevere, Flaminio district, the entrance is Ponte Duca D'Aosta ( 220 mt. Long and 30 mt large, project by V. Fasolo, opened in 1942, that has the name of Duke Emanuele Filiberto of Savoia-Aosta, Hero of the First World War), and the first thing we meet is the Mussolini Obelisk (designed by Costantini, 1932, made of a Carrara marble monolith that represents the Fascism symbol, 17,5mt high and 350 tons heavy , that has a total height of 36,59mt with the basement and the golden cusp). The Obelisk Square is now dedicated to Lauro de Bosis. From here, the view is composed by the Coni to the right, the Isef compound in the center, Palace and the Stadium of the Swimming to the left. Going straight you can cross the Mosaic Path. Inside the Foro, in he center Fontana della Sfera, to the left the Lawn Tennis Stadium and to the right the Marbles Stadium)

Foro Italico is cited in all the tourist guides.

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