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Olympic Stadium The original core of the Olympic Stadium has been built during the Thirties. It has been renovated in 1953 on the occasion of the Rome Olympic Games in 1960. The last renovation has been made for the Soccer World Cup in 1990. Nowadays the stadium has 82.656 seats: 23.473 the North Curve, 23.473 the South Curve, 17.745 Monte Mario Tribune, 17.965 Tevere Tribune. The Stadium has been realized paying a particular attention to sports like soccer and athletics.

In fact it is here that the competitions of the Champions League and of the national football team take place, and also important events like the "Golden Gala" of athletics.

Inside the stadium there are the offices of Direction of CONI.

Under the two curves there are two gyms endowed of equipments for handicapped athletes.
On the ground floor there are two warehouses, four bars and public toilets. On the first floor there' s a first aid unity so structured: on the basement there's a parking for 40 cars, used mostly by the authorities. On the ground floor there's the VIP hall, the dressing room for soccer players.
On the first floor there's the press conference hall equipped with all the necessary equipments for TV filming. On the second and third floors there's a first aid unit for the audience, a bar.

The Tevere Tribune beside public facilities like bar and first aid there are 130 seats for disabled persons, situated at the same level of the entrance.
Exits are situated on different levels in the tribunes, while in the curves they are situated on an intermediate level. The partial roof concerns only the audience and it is realized in polytetrafluorethylene with glass fiber net.

The lighting is conform to international standards both for athletics and soccer competitions.
Inside the stadium there are safety systems for fire control, and also a sound amplification system. The two video matrix color boards allow to follow the events on the video inside the stadium.

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