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Auditorium Music Park Rome The Auditorium opened on the 21st of April 2002 with an extraordinary musical kermesse. From 2003 the Auditorium ( Music Park ) has become the center of the Santa Cecilia National Academy. Realized according to Renzo Piano's project, the Auditorium represents the most important urban, cultural and social event realized in Rome since the sixties. It is also the biggest artistic unit of its kind in Europe.

The Auditurium is composed by:

A big concert hall with 2700 seats;

A medium hall, used both for concert and multimedia shows, with 1200 seats;

A real musical theatre composed by 700 seats that can host 60 elements of orchestra; a cavea of 3000 places for outdoor shows;

A big pensile garden;

An archeological area with the remains of a big roman villa of the republican age;

A large parking area;

The compound comprehends commercial, recreative, study and exhibition areas.

The compound is located between the Villaggio Olimpico and the Pariol district, less than two kilometers away from Piazza del Popolo, and it spreads over a 55.000 square meter area; it measures 500.000 cube meters and offers 40.000 square meters of gardens and squares and 42.000 square meters of services.

In the green area opened to the public there are three halls that seem to be natural elements, of different volume and capacity, located around a big cavea.

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